Send Releases & Demos

I accept both demos from unsigned artists, and releases from independent artists and labels, for possible reviews on I also accept dj mixes and live sets from djs, groups, clubnights and labels.

All styles of music are catered for, and I will try to reply to everything I get sent, but that will depend on the amount of material I have to get through. If your music is chosen to be included, I will make contact with you to confirm the availability of the material, before any of your music is added to this website.

Please note, no music is sold on this website, and there are no charges incurred for having your music featured. There are also no plans to release any of the featured music via a label. In short, no money will change hands in either direction. This website should only be viewed as a tool to help get your music out there, and to gain some new fans.

Here’s how you can get your music to me>

1- Email links (not attachments) to tracks/releases/dj mixes/live sets to:
2- Send me your music through the Queep Organic dropbox on Soundcloud.
3- Post cd’s to me: Damien Hughes, Queep Organic, Woodpole, Carnaross, Kells, County Meath, Ireland.
4- Alternatively, you can also send links to me via the contact form below: