School Of Seven Bells – Ghostory [Track]

New York-based School Of Seven Bells make an original blend of music that finds influences in the pop, rock and electronic music genres. The track I have featured below is an uplifting vocal excursion, with some dn’b beats over the top, and it showcases the typical luxurious sound of their latest album, Ghostory, available now from iTunes and Amazon.

The group previously consisted of twins Alejandra & Claudia Deheza, along with guitarist/producer Benjamin Curtis, but Claudia has left the group, and this album is the debut from the remaining duo. Vocalist Alejandra is keen to point out that herself and Ben decided to take a different route, when penning this album – to be less abstract with their lyrics – and the album does feel more emotionally connected than their previous outings, that’s for sure!

The entire album’s concept is based around the story of a female character called Lafaye. “Lafaye is a story of our experiences”, says Alley. “These songs are about things that everybody has been through. I like the fact that it’s big and you never know which voice is mine or what side I’m on. Every person has a voice in each situation. I feel like calling that voice Lafaye is a way for everyone to own these songs. I didn’t want it to be the Alley show. I want everyone to cry for themselves”.

This approach has not only given listeners someone to relate to within the tunes, but it has also created the basis for a fantastic trip, via this album. Lafaye’s story has been imaginatively created and performed beautifully by this rather talented duo. This is one album worth grabbing a copy of, or better still, catch these guys at one of their many live performances, because I may have primarily highlighted the story that is told amongst this LP’s journey, but believe me, this is music you will dance your socks off to aswell. There’s a great kick to School Of Seven Bells tracks, which makes for an amazing night out, that might just suit those who like to frequent rock bars, pop concerts, or even house music clubs. One size fits all!


School Of Seven Bells - The Night

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