PRE-RELEASE: Mathew Dear – Beams [Track]

There have only been 3 tracks made public from Matthew Dear’s upcoming avant-pop album ‘Beams’, and Ive got one of those to share with you. The latest album from the Ghostly International co-founder – due out on the 27th of August  – will be added to a glittering catalogue of releases that tend exude style, while bending the mind.

He releases various styles under specific aliases, including Audion, False, Jabberjaw, and Matthew Dear of course! The Matthew Dear material tends to be spaced out vocal electro-pop, and the three new album tracks with are doing the rounds right now, fall into that category too.

‘Her Fantasy’ takes elements of trance, and 80′s pop, and delivers an ultra-cool contemporary cut, ‘Earthforms’ is a breakbeat driven dark pop tune, and the featured free download, ‘Headcage’, is a tense number, which draws on a retro style of electro. This album will be out on the 27th of August 2012, so stay tuned to Amazon and iTunes for that, or you can pre-order at the Ghostly Store, if you just cant wait!


Mathew Dear - Headcage

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This release is due out on Ghostly International.