Mux Mool – Planet High School [2xTrack]

Mux Mool (aka Brian Lindgren) produces tracks that could easily be described as either hip hop instrumentals, or as ambient electronica, with a touch of electro. His latest album, Planet High School, is a journey through a blend of laid back numbers, alongside material which has a darker and tougher groove going on. The album is out now, and available from iTunes and Amazon, and I’ve got two of the album’s tracks to share with you, below, as free downloads.

Lindgren is a Minnesota native, but has spent years traveling and partying across the US, as Mux Mool, whilst building up a substantial collection of records, loops, and samples in the process. And this research into his musical areas of interest sure has paid off. This latest album feels timeless, with its mixture of bouncy breaks and intricate melodies. And it has an air of maturity, added to a great musical experience.

The two free tracks available below are two of my favorite tunes from the 10-track LP (with 2 added bonus tracks when buying the vinyl version from the label store), ‘Palace Chalice’ is a funky electro-induced groove, high in melodic content, and ‘Raw Gore’ is another track which is driven by an electro bassline, but on a much darker tip.

Other highlights on the album include ‘Brothers’, which opens the LP up with a hypnotic spiritual feel, ‘Ruin Everything’ features some sweet key changes, ‘Cash For Gold’ has a juicy electro-funk thing going on, and ‘Baba’ ends the album off sensually, with an exotic mood encapsulating this deep number. ‘The Butterfly Technique’ is probably my overall favourite number. It has a fantastic fuzzy synth filling overhead, with some excellent Mux Mool breaks keeping it afloat, aided by bright chimes and a funky guitar.

This is how the artist describes the inspiration behind the album…”Today, young Americans have very little to look forward to except endless war, endless debt, no Social Security, and [the fact that] none of us can live without the constant fear of poverty. We don’t need to have big houses and cars and a nest egg to get along. There’s nothing that says you can’t rent an apartment your whole life and not be happy”. Has he managed to add some hope to your day? I think his positiveness has worked for me atleast!


Mux Mool - Palace Chalice

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