Me And My Drummer - The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey

PRE-RELEASE: Me And My Drummer – The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey [2xTrack+Video]

This album oozes cross-over potential, and if you like the sound that Florence & The Machine create, this release might just be up your street. With chart-friendly hooks, fantastic ... More →
La Boum Fatale - Damwild

La Boum Fatale – Damwild – 9b0 Remix [Track+Video]

‘Damwild’ is the debut release from La Boum Fatale, a Hamburg based duo who melt electro and house, with almost balaeric-fused ambient melodies, into an amazing uplifting ... More →
Willits + Sakamoto - Ancient Future

Willits + Sakamoto – Ancient Future [Track+Video]

This excellent ambient ep, released last week on Ghostly International, does exactly what it says on the tin – it features timeless compositions, with some futuristic soundscapes, ... More →
PRE-RELEASE: Wild Cub - Youth

PRE-RELEASE: Wild Cub – Youth [Track+Video]

Out on the 14th of August, this album is already gaining traction amongst the media. Nashville-based electro duo, Wild Cub, only formed last November, but are already gearing up for ... More →
Bear Hands - Songs From Utopia Volume 1

Bear Hands – Songs from Utopia Volume One [3xTrack+Video]

Based in Brooklyn, Bear Hands fuse alt-pop, indie rock and punk into a fairly commercial sound, whilst always containing a bit of an edge. This EP sounds like a protest against the ... More →
Rap News 14: Higgs Boson Unbound

Rap News 14: Higgs Boson Unbound [Track+Video]

Juice Rap News are a duo from Melbourne, Australia, who have been making a name for themselves online, by producing music videos which not only entertain, but also educate and create ... More →