Matthew Berth – Good Night/Are You Real Or Not [2xTrack]

Matthew Berth (aka Matteo Bartello) is a UK-based Italian native who makes music that emulates the sound of his many Britpop heroes. He has spent the past 8 years busking on the streets of Manchester and Leeds, and playing in their pubs, an environment which has no doubt helped him to tailor his sound. There are a handful of unsigned artists on the site already, but Matthew is the first one to be un-released too.

I have included 2 of his tracks – featured below as free mp3 downloads – because you can hear the 15 years of experience that he has acquired, playing the guitar, and the talent that he has for songwriting and music composition in particular. If Matthew remains unsigned, there could easily be a career out there for him, composing tracks for mainstream artists’ albums. You only have to listen to the intro’s, progression of melodies, and the harmonising of instruments, to know that this man could easily write a hit or two!

‘Good Night’ is the slowest of the two tracks that are featured, and it really tugs at the heartstrings, with the main vocal hook telling a loved one “I will never leave again”. It is composed of simple chords strummed on the guitar, alongside some strategically placed piano notes. It’s simple, but not empty, because the additional strings really fill it up. ‘Are You Real Or Not’ is another love song, but with a slightly more upbeat vibe, and an amazing ending. All of the instruments involved create a crescendo-like effect to end off this commercially viable track.

English is not Matthew’s native tongue, and that is clearly evident on the tracks that are featured, but it turns out to be a unique selling point for some listeners. I played his tracks to some of my friends, and the females in particular seemed to like that aspect of his vocals. Maybe the darkness of his North of England sound has been tempered by the romance of his Mediterranean roots? I’ll be watching this chaps progress with great interest.


Matthew Berth - Good Night


Matthew Berth - Are You Real Or Not

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