La Boum Fatale – Damwild – 9b0 Remix [Track+Video]

‘Damwild’ is the debut release from La Boum Fatale, a Hamburg based duo who melt electro and house, with almost balaeric-fused ambient melodies, into an amazing uplifting style. The EP is available now to grab at Beatport, iTunes and Amazon, with some remixes of the tracks also floating around at many leading stockists.

The EP boasts five heady floor-friendly tunes, that hark back to the meldoy-heavy output that was coming from Dutch and Belgian house labels during the 90s, and I’m pleased to pass on a very special electro house remix of one of the EP’s tracks, ‘Rumple’, by 9b0, an excellent Hungarian producer.

On the EP itself, ‘AAA’ is a heavily distorted synth-fest which plods along with an air of magic to it, and ‘PassMiss’ continues on this enlightening and melancholic buzz. Both of those tracks feel like they could be produced for a kids cartoon, or for a computer game, and they both generate a lot of energy too. ‘Snalle’ and the Original Mix of ‘Rumple’ are a bit moodier, bringing some balance to the EP, whilst the ‘Let Us Not Be Terrible People’ track is something very different, with it’s Tricky-styled broken tempo.

Antonio de Spirt and Levente Pavelka have done their ‘experimental’ tag no harm with this release, and in my mind, they have created something genuinely unique. I absolutely love this EP, and would recommend to atleast head off to one of the stockists linked below, and give it a listen. There is a lot of good experimental electronica out there, but you rarely hear something which is so melodically sound, and driven by such uplifting emotion. They may not have the biggest kick drums in the World, but they sure can keep a dancefloor moving!


La Boum Fatale - Rumple (9b0 Remix)

And here is the video for the ‘AAA’ track, taken from the EP, and now released as a single…

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This release is out on Sinnbus Records.



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