Emily Coates – Nature’s Flow EP [2xTrack]

If I were to compare singer-songwriter Emily Coates’ voice, and vocal style, to somebody well known, it would have to be Kate Bush, but the UK-based Irish artist is actually very unique. She blends her piano skills with vocals which at times resemble musical theatre, but become operatic in certain instances too. This featured release, the Nature’s Flow EP, also showcases this woman’s great songwriting skills, and there are five highly emotive love ballads on the EP, two of which are available as free downloads below.

The title track, ‘Nature’s Flow’, is the stand out tune on the entire release in my opinion, with a solid groove, and some nice fluttering of the vocal chords. The heart-wrenching lyrics are backed up by angelic layering of backing vocals, and it all falls together nicely, for a top class number. The second free download I chose is ‘Try To Be Kind’, a percussion-less tune, with clean vocals and a piano riff taking up the slack. The sentiments expressed in this track are very personal, and direct, and it all makes for an ultra simple tune, albeit with massive depth.

Also on the five track EP is ‘To My Friend’, which in tone alone is the happiest track on the release, but the lyrics still tug at the heartstrings, like all of Emily’s productions. Which, incidentally, is probably one reason why she is continually being booked for the most intimate venues around London. ‘Spoken’ is a little more folky, with the introduction of a guitar, and a bit of attitude too!, and finally, ‘Easy’ is a sparse track, with vocals and piano work carrying the track along, and it really works for those lyrics. It’s understated, but that feels appropriate.

Emily is one of a number of artists, which were formerly featured on the old Queep (Organic) Music website, that I have lined up for reviews on this website, and whilst this EP was released in 2010, as I mentioned before, if releases come into my hands that are not exactly new releases, but deserve to be featured, I will be doing so. And this release most certainly deserves to be featured, because it’s artistically beautiful, and highly original. Emily has a new album in the works, and when that arrives, I’ll be letting you all know, so stay tuned.


Emily Coates - Natures Flow


Emily Coates - Try To Be Kind

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