QueepOrganic.com is a music review magazine/blog, concentrating on emerging artists, across all genres.

WHAT? QueepOrganic.com features reviews of unsigned artists and indie artists & labels, from all over the World. Their unsigned material, and independent releases, are reviewed, and some tracks are offered as free mp3 downloads to potential fans. All of the downloadable tracks are 100% legal downloads, as permission has been granted by the artists or their representatives to do so. DJ mixes are also featured from djs, clubnights and labels.

WHY? The whole idea behind QueepOrganic.com is to help promote carefully selected artists, labels, djs and clubnights, and to offer decent quality downloads on a regular basis to music fans. With a totally open music policy, hopefully visitors to QueepOrganic.com will explore different styles of music which they would not have ordinarily listened to, and become fans of some of the emerging artists which are featured.

WHO? QueepOrganic.com is run by myself, Damien Hughes, currently based in County Meath, Ireland.

WHEN? QueepOrganic.com was launched in July 2012.


The ‘Queep Organic’ brand has been used by myself on two occasions in the past (although both of the projects below are now defunct):


Queep (Organic) Music was a similar type of website to QueepOrganic.com, which ran from 2004 to 2006. It had about half a million unique visitors who downloaded millions of minutes of carefully selected independent music, by about a couple of hundred artists, labels, djs and clubnights. You can read the full history of the Queep (Organic) Music website here.



Queep (Organic) House was a house music record label which ran from 2005 to 2008, and put out over 50 releases by about 100 artists. Those releases were played by literally thousands of dj’s Worldwide, including some big names. You can check out the story behind the label, and listen to plenty of it’s past releases here., plus you can download some dj mixes which are exclusively comprised of tracks released on Queep (Organic) House here.